Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bridge (Over Troubled Waters)


PhotoFriday: Darkness
Nikon D70, 18-70mm at 1/650s, f5.6

Location: Prince Edward Island National Park, Canada
Distance: 660miles, 1062 km
Transportation: Plane to Halifax, NS, car to Cavendish, PEI

For some reason, this reminds me of the song, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, except that the water was actually very still, so Bridge Over Shadowed Waters might be more accurate.

Photo was in colour, and converted to sepia tones in photoshop. This is one of those situations where I think the border/frame/matting surrounding the image makes a difference. I've looked at this with a white border and a black border, and I can't decide which I like.


peterskim said...

I dig the sepia.

Anonymous said...

white border accents the clouds and makes the scene look happier

Anonymous said...

Although its true many people view brighter, lighter colors and values make for a more upbeat image, that needn't be the sole guiding force of deciding the surrounding borders. Remember that the eye will always go first to the point of the most dramatic juxaposition of lightest and darkest values. In the case with a white border you'll find it draws the eye to the outer edges of your photo, particularly on the left. With a dark or black border that point of value tension is found at the vanishing point where the clouds are your lightest point next to the dark of the shadowy landmass. This brings out all the subtle nuances of your medium values of the water and the bridge (which get flattened out with a white border). The effect is the eye follows the bridge to its vanishing point which makes for a more interesting journey for the viewer than scattering the eye to the edges of the frame.
Don't shy away from a more melancholy reading of your picture if it means the viewer gets pulled into your image more.

Canadia-eh said...

Good points. Thanks for convincing me about the black border.

rusted_irony said...

Great great texture.

Anonymous said...

Syann, this picture is GORGEOUS! -r

Aravis said...

Stunning photo.