Wednesday, October 05, 2005

One Tree Hill

one tree hill

Nikon D70 18-70mm at 1/200s, f10

PhotoFriday Challenge: Conspicuous

Location: Port-la-Joye/Fort Amherst, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Distance: 660miles, 1062 km
Transportation: Plane to Halifax, NS, car to Cavendish, PEI

Yes, sadly it's true. The title for this photograph was inspired by the WB show. This is actually the remnants of a fort on PEI. It's pretty much overgrown with grass, but you can still make out the trench that surrounded the fort, as well as the exterior walls. This tree is growing at an awkward angle out of a wall.

Pointless trivia: This fort was attacked in 1745 by New Englanders. Damn them!


Chris said...

Great photo. The sense of movement is staggering. My favourite one so far. Maybe just a little bit more sky in your crop, the tree feels a little confined to me.

Canadia-eh said...

I felt the same once I saw this picture on my computer. I hadn't realized that the tree was so tight at the time. whoops.