Saturday, March 04, 2006


I see CN

Nikon D70 18-70 mm at 1/800s, f4.5

Location: The CN tower, Toronto, ON
Distance: 548 miles, 882 km from Boston
Transportation: Plane

Yes, I know everyone has a picture of the CN tower, but this is my first. I've been to Toronto a million times, but never made it to the CN tower until this year.

Also, please excuse the corny title, but I couldn't help myself (I see CN, get it?)


Chris said...

Amazing how much depth of field you can get out of f4.5, or maybe I've just been doing it wrong all this time.

Canadia-eh said...

I've been stuggling with DOF as well--and this may be incorrect, but it seems to be less of an issue when you are far away from your subject, as in this case.

AirBete said...

Great shot!